Our Lady of Good Hope Church, Camden, Maine

Declining work at her employers’ summer cottage in Camden unless she and fellow Catholic staff could attend Sunday mass, the devotion of domestic worker Mary Molloy is remembered to have incited the 1911 construction of Our Lady of Good Hope. Along with the pioneering Catholic families of Camden, her charitable employers, the Albert H. Chatfields of Cincinnati and other summering families united to build the first Catholic Church in Camden. Although Ms. Molloy did not live to see the Carpenter Gothic style church built, she was cherished as the first service remembered her with a high requiem mass.

The Episcopal Church of Saint John Baptist, Thomaston, Maine

The perseverance of the Episcopal Church of Saint John Baptist is mirrored by the resilience of its austere 1868 Carpenter Gothic style structure. Despite falling into disrepair in the 1950s and encountering financial hardships, its parishioners mended the building in the 1960s, exemplifying the church’s ability to weather adversity and return to its original splendor.