The Sacred Spaces of New England online project features religious and secular places that elicit contemplation, reflection and inspiration. Using 360-degree panoramic imaging, this endeavor seeks to document both historical and contemporary spaces of New England, from places of worship to meetinghouses that encourage one to ponder and reconsider.

Since the 1787 invention of the immersive 360-degree painted panorama by Robert Barker, the panorama has been used to depict such subject matter as architectural complexes and historical events—aspects of our cultural heritage. Computer-based interactive panoramic imaging is an effective tool for documenting sacred spaces as it provides an immersive 360-degree recording of a place in time—allowing the viewer to understand an environment much like one would do in the physical world.

As this is an ongoing project, if you would like to suggest a sacred site within the New England area to be documented, whether religious or secular, please write in the comments section below or send an email to: seth (dot) thompson (dot) arteducator (at) gmail (dot) com.

Author (Text & Image)

Seth Thompson is an art educator, involved in documenting and interpreting art, design and culture through print and online presentations. His website is www.seththompson.info.