Panorama of the Sanctuary at Church of the Redeemer UCC, New Haven, Connecticut

Church of the Redeemer UCC of New Haven, Connecticut is a new addition to my Sacred Spaces of New England project. Organized in 1838, Church of the Redeemer, United Church of Christ is the fourth congregational church in New Haven. Originally named Chapel Street Congregational Church, it was formed after there was dissent at the Third Congregational Church when a new minister would not accept the “New Haven Theology” of Nathaniel Taylor who founded the church. Taylor rejected the idea of determinism in which God alone was responsible for all activities in the universe, as he felt this was immoral because it contradicted the notions of freedom and choice, and thought God not immoral.

If you would like to learn more about the church, please visit the Church of the Redeemer’s entry on the Sacred Spaces of New England website.

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